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  • 4 to 5 tons of bauxite are required to extract about 2 tons of alumina. Alumina, on the other hand, produces only one ton of aluminum.
  • Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. More than 90% of aluminium is recycled.
  • World demand for aluminium is estimated at around 63.1 million tons in 2017.
  • Aluminium recycling saves up to 95% of the energy and natural resources that would be used to produce aluminium from bauxite ore.
  • The aluminum industry has been a pioneer in the introduction of recycling on a commercial scale. Since then, this industry has continuously increased the amount of recycled materials in its products.
  • Of all the aluminum produced over the past 125 years, 75% is still used today through the recycling of aluminum scrap
  • My experience with Aluminium Dépôt Gatineau-Ottawa was pleasant from beginning to end. No bad surprises, only beautiful results and outstanding services.
    Mr. Chapman
  • I replaced my wooden deck with an aluminum one and I am fully satisfied. Maintenance free. I love it!
    Mrs. Chapman
  • I am very satisfied with the service I received during my visit to their warehouse. Large selection of products for every tastes.
    Mr. Gascon
  • Fast submission and friendly service!
    Mr. Plouffe
  • I had a lot of ideas and they helped me achieve them.
    Mrs. Richard
  • Aluminum Depot team is very professional, they gave me useful advice for my fencing project.
    Mr. Kerry

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