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Products of Aluminium Dépôt Gatineau-Ottawa offer a range of benefits for the renovation of houses and new construction projects. Our aluminium products have a powder coating of super durable polyester reinforced fluoropolymer which will not, flake or crack if it is subjected to a normal usage and diligent maintenance. They virtually require no maintenance, and are covered by a 20 year limited warranty. When it comes to manufacturing and installation, we guarantee our house work for a period of 5 years from the date of installation.

Our suppliers also offer us a paint finish DURACON in different colors consisting of a thermosetting Acrylic Enamel O in oven (400 F/200). This painting, when applied on pretreated by conversion to chrome phosphate, aluminium offers excellent adhesion, resists corrosion, impacts and superficial scratches, while keeping the integrity of the film and a good color retention. This system is recommended for interior or exterior applications on residential/ commercial buildings of average sizes. It meets or exceeds the standard AAMA 2603 of the American Architectural Manufacturer Association. A DURACRON finish may not have a warranty longer than the one given by the manufacturer which is 5 years for discoloration or flaking.

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