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Aluminium FAQ

Properties of Aluminum

The low environmental loading is due to material properties like corrosion resistance, light weight, and great strength. Aluminum is one of the world’s greatest used metals second only to iron.

The reason for that is because of the special properties of aluminum which include :

· Light weight · Great strength · Greater flexibility · Easy to make · Superior resistance to deterioration · The ability to easily cut, drill, weld, bond, tape, and more

Recycling of Aluminum

Aluminum keeps its special assets the way other materials do. It can also be used for the same thing repeatedly.

Is Aluminum the best choice for fencing or railings?

For areas where snow is not an issue aluminum can be used for fencing. For areas where snow is an issue aluminum should only be utilized for small projects. Aluminum railings are great for Canadian winters, but for larger projects such as Aluminum fencing it is important to think about the weight of snow.

Will powder coated Aluminum need additional upkeep?

It is simple enough to take care of powder coated aluminum after installation. Simply use a little soapy water with neutral detergent then rinse with plain water every six months. This will help to remove any buildup of pollens and pollutants. Marine and industrial areas will need to do this more frequently.

Will my Aluminum railing last indefinitely?

Nothing is forever, however, Aluminum railings would last about 20 years if contact with caustic elements is limited.

How can I help my Aluminum posts last longer?

No unique care is needed for aluminum. However, it is important to keep caustic materials such as salt or fertilizers away from aluminum exteriors.

Aluminum makes up 8% of minerals from the earth’s crust. Aluminum is therefore one of the few renewable minerals.

Properties of Aluminum: The environmental impact is low due to such material properties as corrosion resistance, light weight and strength. Aluminum is one of the best metals used just after iron.

This is due to the special properties of aluminum which include :

  • Lightweight
  • Significant strength
  • Flexibility
  • Easy to make
  • Superior resistance against deterioration
  • The ability to easily cut, drill, weld, glue and more

Aluminum recycling

Aluminum retains its special elements, unlike other materials. It can also be reused multiple times for the same thing.

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