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An Aluminium Fence

Do you want to add value to your home while keeping a peaceful state of mind? Provide your project to our professionals who will offer you unparalleled service. We supply quality aluminum fences, which combine security and privacy while adding value and embellishment to your property. Several models in different materials are available for superior durability and elegance, which requires no maintenance. The doors are equipped with spring hinges and custom key locks to maximize safety.

Our most popular aluminum fence models

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Aluminum Fencing General Information

Aluminium comes from some of the most basic elements that are found in the Earth’s crust and core. Therefore, it is one of the strongest metals. However, aluminium oxidizes quicker than other metals. Due to it’s quick oxidation, we coat our aluminium in an anti-corrosive paint, so the product lasts up to twenty years. We use this practice especially when using aluminium for fences.

Standard coatings are also available upon request. Standard Powder Coating provides the metal with an even coat. It has increased anti-oxidation properties, a longer life-span, and a high-gloss finish. The standard coating also allows for maintenance free care, meaning you’ll never have to repaint or touch-up the coating. In addition, each aluminium fence has stainless-steel welds for every joint, which adds to the durability of the fence.

  • All our panels are custom made, which ensures a uniformity.
  • Panels can measure up to 84″ in width.
  • Door panels can be up to 55″ wide, allowing for a double door with a 9’2″ opening.
  • Non-standard panels can be manufactured at an additional cost and are offered without warranty.

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