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A NEW and UNIQUE product in the National Capital

Thinking of replacing your wood patio? Choose durability!

Choose aluminum flooring for your patio and deck and stop painting and repainting, varnishing and refinishing, and no more replacing rotten boards! Our aluminum flooring will enhance your backyard and you will enjoy the arrival of the summer season without having to restore your deck year after year.

Unique, our aluminum floor offers a nice imitation of wood. They are waterproof, slip-resistant and of course, maintenance-free!

Product 1 (P-6)

Floor structure

Aluminum structure (top view)

Aluminum structure (bottom view)

Wood structure (view from above)

Wooden structure (bottom view)

Molding models

Faux wood

Barn wood



Corner Models

Faux wood



Floor Models

Faux wood

Barn wood

Beige open

Grey open

Beige closed

Grey closed

Patio floor ideas

Trust us with your project

If you have any questions about your next aluminium project, please give us a call at 613 777-3024 or email us at Our staff will be more than happy to help you. ALDG has everything you need!